Container solutions for engine test cells

Container solution for Engine Test cells

Engine test cell for all test application. Easy to install and to remove, is an optimized solution for the actual requirements of the main engine makers. The solution doesn’t require civil works and avoid any type of leakage for a test department without any impact on the environment.



Container solutions Automation systems

Automation Systems

  • Plug-in architecture
  • Bench/Unit Under Test (UUT) configuration separated
  • Multi UUT support
  • Channel names redefinition at UUT level
  • Advanced desktop and formula editing
  • Statistical (min, max, mean, std dev) channels
  • PID and lookup tables - Operation and error logging
  • Data logging and export results to csv files
  • Application theme management
  • Windows layout arrangement
  • User profiles permissions

Compact Construction

All utilities are installed on a side panel to semplify the maintenance and search for leakage or failures. All systems are designed and defined in function of the engine characteristics
Container solutions compact construction

Technical specifications

  • For end of line or durability test of engines and components
  • Solution with Eddy Current dyno or AC dyno
  • Test cell ventilation, air conditioning and exhaust gas systems on the top of the construction
  • Size of the container according with the road rules: no special transport required
  • Test engine side: 100-300 kW or 300-500 kW
  • Residual noise outside of the container with engine running: less 75 dbA
  • Control room integrated in the container
  • Engine water cooling system, fuel consumption and conditioning system, intercooler cooling system. All utilities are designed in function of the engine requirement.
  • Special range of temperature or humidity available on request.
  • Y conveyors or other transport system on request.
Container solutions compact constructionContainer solutions compact construction